Friday, June 7, 2013

Antiques care tips

Antiques, is a matter of pride for the owner. Whether it be glassware, wood carvings or other historic objects. Top selling antiques were varied, according to the age and condition of the object.

So that the object is always clean and well maintained, there are several ways to keep antiques to remain durable.

- For antiques made ​​of porcelain, preferably on display or stored in a glass cabinet. It aims to prevent the falling object and can be used as decoration in your home.
- For porcelain antiques from clean and clear, should be washed once a year. Following washing steps:
• Use rubber to the base, to avoid collisions.
• Wash with lukewarm water
• Use a mild detergent, which does not contain bleach or lemon smell.
• Then use a soft cloth to dry.
- For antiques that are made of wood, should be placed in a room that has good air circulation.
- Use wax or polish so Antiquities of wood kept clean and shiny once a month.

Hopefully these quick tips can make your antiques maintained and always clean.

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