Friday, June 7, 2013

Tips to clean antique glass

Antique glass neatly on a shelf or table to create a unique focal point and interesting. Why say antique because of its unique and has certain characteristics. Various types of glasses are made in accordance with the manufacturer's creativity manifested in a antique. This has become an attraction for shoppers to buy antique glass. Not a few of them collecting antique glasses as a form of love of antiques.

If you have a collection of antique glass, you may want to keep neat glasses and keep the glass is not cracked, damaged or broken. Maintenance of these glasses have a special way. One common way to remove stains is to pour in a glass baking soda then gently scrubbed with dish washing sponge. Afterwards, the plate was washed with liquid cleaner then rinsed thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth.

Unique glass are sought by collectors. Before buying, you should check back fully to the glassware. There are several ways to do when cleaning antique glass:

    1. Make checks. Method of cleaning the antique glass can vary, depending on the style and the treatment used. You can use a bottle brush to clean the narrow neck of the bottle so that the dirt that is part of the neck to be cleaner. You can also use some elbow grease or abrasive to remove rust spots.
    2. Remove rust. To clean stubborn spots, scrub with a soft toothbrush should choose an inconspicuous area as early stage, give a little baking soda or toothpaste on a soft cloth to clean the interior of a narrow vase use oxygen cleaners, or try equal parts of baking soda , vinegar and salt.
    3. Avoid breakable items. Cleansing is an important part of keeping the antique glass. But most importantly there is a collection keep it intact. When cleaning, creating enough space, including space for the antiques. Cover the area with a soft cloth or towel. When you want to clean the glass one by one with the soap. Before you put the glasses on the shelf closet, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid the broken glass as your hands slippery.